Victoria Branden : Environmentalist of the Year – 1990

The Dr. Victor Cecilioni Award for the 1990 Environmentalist of the Year was shared by Victoria Branden, William Randall, and the Hamilton Teacher’s Credit Union Green Committee.

Victoria Branden helped to found the Flamborough Branch of the Conserver Society. Previous to this, she was involved with the Burlington and Hamilton Branches of the Conserver Society. She actively discouraged the use of disposable diapers in Burlington.

Victoria was behind Flamborough’s programme to promote the use of Green Care products and involved the local IGA in setting up booths to educate and inform the public about alternative cleaning methods and cardboard recycling.

Victoria has written extensively: articles for the local papers — The Flamborough Review and The Flamborough News — about conservation and the Conserver Society. She has appeared on local cable television.

As of 1991, she was organizing a programme to preserve wetlands and was researching material about The Population Explosion.