Tÿs Theÿsmeÿer : The Dr. Victor Cecilioni Award – 2013

The Dr. Victor Cecilioni Award for the Environmentalist of the Year recognizes long-term efforts that create a significant impact in the community. This year’s recipient is Tÿs Theÿsmeÿer, Head of Natural Lands at Royal Botanical Gardens. An aquatic ecologist by training, Tÿs has been involved in habitat restoration efforts in Hamilton Harbour and Cootes Paradise since 1997, playing an important role in the efforts of the Hamilton Harbour Remedial Action Plan’s implementation team and the Bay Area Restoration Council. Thousands in the community have seen Tÿs in action as the public educator at the Cootes Paradise Fishway. His leadership in reducing the impact of nature trails to create more interior habitat on RBG properties arguably contributed to the recent successful nesting of Bald Eagles for the first time in decades. He is an environmental mentor to many and a tireless steward.