Lynda Lukasik : Environmentalist of the Year – 1998

Lynda Lukasik was recognized for her dedication to improving the environmental health and well-being of our community.

In 1998 when she received the award, Lynda was President of both WATER (Watershed Action Toward Environmental Responsibility) and BARC (Bay Area Restoration Council).

She has also been an extremely active member of committees of the regional government and the conservation authority, as well as numerous community organizations. In particular, Lynda has worked to strengthen public participation in the critical decisions affecting the health of our community.

Lynda brings a graceful credibility to environmental issues. When things become ‘heated’ during contentious meetings, it is Lynda who remains calm and focused. She does her homework and speaks with authority using her considerable knowledge to ask the right questions. She has developed important bridges between various community groups working on issues related to health and the local environment. Lynda leads by example in a quiet, non-confrontational fashion that always serves to keep activists together and focused.