Kevin Hamilton : Environmentalist of the Year – 2003

Kevin Hamilton is the youngest winner yet of the Dr. Victor Cecilioni award, but already has a long string of environmental actions to his credit. In 1999 he cycled 5000 km across Australia to raise awareness about the threats to the rain forest. In 2002 he used this experience to lead a 10,000 km “cycle for sustainability” across Canada, raising awareness and money along the way for organic agriculture.

He volunteers for an organic farm, provides his apartment as the kitchen for Food Not Bombs, and spent over two days sitting in a tree in protest of the Red Hill expressway, a cause that brought him back to Hamilton. Kevin lives environmentalism fulltime, frequently taking individual initiatives to raise awareness – such as a poster on “roll up the rim to pollute”. He seems to flourish in every task he takes on, constantly educating himself and then others, and leading by example.