Joe Minor : The Dr. Victor Cecilioni Award – 2011

Two years ago Dr Minor’s volunteer research was key to the successful protection of the Eramosa Karst feeder lands. In hundreds of volunteer hours, at all times of the day and night, he documented the flora and fauna, and the hydrological significance of these lands. While a team of professional consultants found 38 species of birds, Joe by himself identified 82 species, forcing the Ontario government to abandon its attempt to use the land for residential development. More recently, his intense work on airport chemical contamination has had all three levels of government on the hot seat. Joe’s outstanding contributions to Hamilton’s environment have gone on for twenty years of that have included chairing Friends of Red Hill Valley, fighting urban sprawl, addressing city council on multiple issues, and leading the response to the disastrous impacts on Spencer Creek of the Biedermann pesticide fire. A magnificent researcher and teacher, Dr Minor has chosen to use his scientific training exclusively for the environment. He is incredibly patient and thorough in his analysis, commentary, and in effectively explaining complex science to a lay audience, and very deserving of the Dr Victor Cecilioni Award.