Don McLean : Environmentalist of the Year – 1997

The Dr. Victor Cecilioni Award winner for the Environmentalist of the Year in 1997 is Don McLean for his efforts through the Friends of Red Hill Valley to develop a community vision that values environmental resources as the key to long-term social and economic viabililty.

Don has focused his attention on the struggle to preserve the Red Hill Valley. His unflagging work on this issue has been the beacon of light that has guided environmentalists in Hamilton-Wentworth. Friends and enemies alike would agree that without Don, the sound of diesel trucks would be the present reality in the Valley instead of the chirping birds, croaking frogs and babbling brook.

The spirit and tenacity he has brought to this lengthy environmental struggle reminds us of the first Environmentalist of the Year, Dr. Victor Cecilioni.

In addition, Don has been active in the Hamilton Naturalists’ Club (HNC) and the Bay Area Restoration Council (BARC) to protect and restore natural areas. He has served as Vice-President of BARC and as the editor of the HNC newsletter.

He co-ordinated the Yellow Fish Road storm drain marking program.

He initiated and led the Nature Walkathon for the Environment which has raised over $200,000 for local environmental projects.