Betty Blashill : Environmentalist of the Year – 2003

Betty Blashill is being recognized for her long-term, but often unseen efforts on behalf of a long list of environmental causes and organizations since at least 1990. She has spent multiple years filling the crucial treasurer position for the Hamilton Naturalists’ Club, Friends of Red Hill Valley, Environment Hamilton and the Nature Walkathon for the Environment.

She has also designed and currently freely maintains websites for no less than seven local environment groups, and is the person producing the weekly Act Locally bulletin board of community events.

Along the way, Betty has also managed the membership lists, developed the portable displays and both led and done the thousand other necessary but seemingly mundane tasks essential to the survivial of environmental organizations. Betty provides the quiet professionalism that is crucial to the credibility of the groups she supports. She lives by the principles she so passionately supports, practicing voluntary simplicity, waste diversion and other measures to reduce her ecological footprint.