Joanna Chapman : Lifetime Achievement – 2003

Joanna Chapman has assisted nearly every environmental initiative inHamilton since the 1970s.

Joanna Chapman speaking at fundraising auction on April 30, 2005. Over 300 people attended the event to support Joanna Chapman’s request for a compliance audit of Mayor Di Ianni’s election campaign finances. The event raised over $20,000.

Chapman said that “since amalgamation I have seen the political system move from a democracy to what can only be described as an oligarchy. Frankly, I’m mad as hell and do not intend to take it anymore.”

A tireless advocate of sane urbanism, she fought sprawl long before most of us knew the term. When she believes something, as she certainly does with our local environment, she digs in her heels,clenches her jaw and does not let go.

Her visible accomplishments include the Urquhart Butterfly Garden and the natural landscape around her bookstore, and initiating the public purchase of the Dundas Valley.

She is focused on the community while remaining a global citizen. Joanna is an urbanist and a peace activist as well as a regular volunteer remover of graffiti from bus stops and benches.

She uses her knowledge of planning and the legal system, and a vast network of friends to get results efficiently and effectively and may still stop the Red Hill Creek Expressway.